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Premarital Counseling is an investment into a strong, healthy marriage.


Start your married life off to a positive start for your future family by learning the tools that will keep you connected for a lifetime.

Our online marriage preparation 4 hour pre-marital course is offered at a
huge discount of $17.99

The 4 hour course is an excellent way for couples to begin their life together on the right foot. It provides a mechanism to anticipate issues before they happen and the tools required to address the challenges that do occur. Key benefits are as follows;

  • Skip the 3-day waiting period

  • Receive a substantial discount off the marriage license

  • Complete the course in the comfort of home

  • Reduces the risk of divorce

  • Identify your relationship strength and growth areas

  • Build solid communication skills

  • Resolve conflicts

  • Strengthen your relationship bond

  • Explore your relationship and families-of-origin issues

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Our course is fun and informative for everyone.
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Weddings of Fort Myers is an  approved premarital preparation course provider in the following Florida counties.

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